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BodySealer working great. Using on Covid Bodies. Seals fast, I feel safe.
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We are the Manufacturer and Supplier of BodySealer our Made in the USA bag body. Our heat sealed body bags are for use in Funeral Homes, Hospitals, Coroners, and the Military. BodySealer is to be used for burial, cremation, or repatriation. Once heat sealed there is no leakage of body fluids, gases or odors, in the sealed bag body. BodySealer unique Heat sealed containment body bag does not need refrigeration because odors will not leak. BodySealer 3 layer material with metal foil barrier could be used instead of a Ziegler Case, once heat sealed the containment pouches is an Air Tray would be safe for shipping. The Cadaver can be safely stored once sealed in BodySealer. Heat-Sealed Body Bag for sale directly from the Manufacturer.

  • Tested at Clemson University and used by the US Government. Designed for absolute containment of infectious pathogens and bioterrorism. Biosafety Level 4 containment (BSL-4)
  • The BodySealer heat-sealed body bag is a containment body bag able to completely contain exposure risk of bloodborne pathogens and OPIMs.
  • Material is made up of layers of plastic and metal foil barrier to make a very strong yet flexible bag that is completely hermetically heat sealed.
  • Once our Hand Held Heat Sealer is applied to the bag to produce a channel seal for a hermetically sealed pouch.
  • The BodSealer bag can also be cut to size for smaller decedents or specimens. Our pouch has a clear area to mark decedents information And DOD.
  • BodySealer can be X-rayed and cremated.
  • OSHA compliant and meets IATI guidelines. CDC specified body bag for safe handling of human remains infected with Ebola.
  • Bags can be trimmed to fit any size than heat sealed.


Mass Fatality System ideal for Military, Hospitals, Government Agencies, Disaster Response Teams, and Disaster Preparedness to Protect You, the Community and your team. Our Heat-Sealed Body Bag will hermetically seal a Cadaver.

Hermetically Sealed Body Bag

Welcome to BodySealer®

Manufacturer Heat Sealed Body Bag Made in The USA
Manufacturer Heat Sealed Body Bag Made in The USA

Portable Battery Source: Multipurpose Power Source


  • Self Contained 12V 40Ah with 2600 Peak
  • Amps rechargeable Lead Acid Battery.
  • 800 Watt Modified Sine Wave Power Inverter with 2 x 110V AC Outlets.
  • Detachable Vehicle Jump Starter with heavy duty cables and clamps.
  • Chainable battery terminals - Option to add 12V batteries for extended runtime.
  • Folding LED Area Light - 24 Super Bright LED’s.
  • 3 x 5 Volt 2100 mA USB Ports.
  • 12 Volt DC output power port.
  • 12 Volt DC input charging port.
  • Digital AC voltage output indicator.
  • Digital AC frequency (Hz) output indicator.
  • Digital wattage consumption indicator.
  • Digital battery voltage indicator.
  • 110AC and 12V DC chargers.

Bodysealer® Holder

Can be mounted on counter or on a wall.

Verticle Bodysealer® Holder

Vertical Bodysealer® holder with locking casters.

Crimp sealer

  • Temperature controller.
  • On / Off lighted switch.
  • Lightweight and easy to grip.

PROFESSIONAL HeavyDuty Hand Held Crimp sealer

  • Constant heat for Cellophane & Foil
  • Covered two 12mm wide heated jaws for hermetically sealing Bodysealer pouch.
  • Light weight and easy to grip.
  • Equipped with temperature controller and working light.
  • PTFE Coated Seal Jaws.
  • The 3.0 Meter Power Lead
  • Aluminum Mesh Safety Guard
  • Horizontal Line

Bodysealer® Biohazard Containment Pouch

Manufactured in the U.S.A, a hermetically sealed, biohazard containment pouch. 40 inch folded width 500 sq.ft to the Roll

  • Biosafety Level 4 Containment
  • Metal Foil Barrier
  • Fluid and vapor barrier where biohazard containment is required such as Mortuaries, Coroners, Medical Examiners, Evidence Collection, Disaster Preparedness Organizations, and Mausoleums.
  • Sealed pouch used for the shipment of caskets, human remains or pets remains, that’s accepted by many domestic and international airlines.
  • Made to military specifications and quality control.
  • A more affordable choice than a body or transfer case.
  • Each roll comes with 3 clips to secure material when Heat sealing.
  • Can accommodate approximately 25 deceased.