Just bought a roll of Bodysealer at the ICCFA Convention and shipped it to Columbia. Used it already and it was great.
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How To Use

  • Plug in the heat crimper and turn the temperature setting to the hottest position. Allow at least 5 minutes to reach the desired temperature.
  • Cut a length of the BodySealer so that you have an excess of 10 inches at both the head and foot of the body.
  • Open the BodySealer and using half of the width, position the body in the center. Then fold the other half over the body, aligning all outer edges. Use the included clamps to hold the edges together.
  • Locate the line with the crimper emblem and the #1 around the edge of the BodySealer. Place the crimper on the line starting from the folded pre-crimped edge. Squeeze the handles of the crimper tightly together and slowly count to 5. Release the handles, then move to the next position overlapping the previous crimp by one inch. Continue to heat-seal the BodySealer until you reach the other corner, occasionally squeezing the excess air out of the pouch. Move the clamps as you continue to seal the pouch. It is important to keep the edges together. You can do an additional diagonal heat crimp at each of the corners if desired.
  • There is a second line parallel to the first line around the edge of the BodySealer. In the event you must open the BodySealer or you feel a double seal is necessary, follow the above instructions on the second line.
  • It is recommended that you practice on a small piece of BodySealer if this is your first time using the product.
  • If you have any questions you can call Carson Sprow at 864-237-4271. I am available 24/7 on my cell phone.